Disability: Understanding, Respect, Friendship

Disability: Understanding, Respect, Friendship

Kid Friendly Presentations

Content Themes: Disability awareness and celebration; kid friendly ways to be an ally, Target Audience: K-12. Program is customized to the developmental level of the audience. Description: This powerful and fun presentation is where Nina (or as the kids call her, Dr. G) offers participants a frame to understand disability that includes: -understanding what a disability is -building empathy and respect -developing tools to be a good friend Dr. G uses this framework (as well as herself) as a tool to transform the negative attitudes within children without disabilities and to encourage students with disabilities to have pride in their experiences. Dr. G includes a meet and greet with students who would like to interact with her after the presentation. If possible, a lunch with students receiving accommodations can also be set up to encourage students to discuss their disabilities openly.

Nina G — Motivational Speaker

Nina G

Funny and professional!

Disability Awareness with a Punch(line)! Nina G is a stuttering stand up comedian, author and international speaker. Her funny and engaging keynotes, comedy shows and book events educate people about the Disability experience.

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