You ARE the Innovation

You ARE the Innovation

Educators as Catalyst

85% of educational success comes directly from teacher (& another 10% from Principal) skill, talent & energy. This makes teachers the single most valuable asset of any school or district, and Principals by way of their access to and guidance of them. Yet neither seldom get the credit deserved for their adaptability and enthusiasm. Let's break through the barriers of teacher-bashing and give "props" to teachers and all school personnel as they begin their own annual adventures in learning! Teachers are rapidly forming new structures themselves rather than waiting for antiquated instructional systems to be replaced. High school teachers initially led the change, from technology use to innovative systems of peer recruiting, hiring & mentoring, but elementary teacher-led schools are now the fastest growing trend. In the toughest schools, teachers are the solution, not the problem. Let me re-energize your teachers with this full-blown interactive experience that will leave the teachers re-connected, to put their strongest performance forward throughout the coming year. Teachers will be called back to their original inspiration for teaching and will come to view the upcoming change process as a collective adventure! Dr. Rhodes has led the change process as principal serving the largest teacher-led school in the U.S. (Hughes STEM High School in Cincinnati), as well as transforming several other high schools. She's funny, wise, and is known as a collaborator and an advocate of teacher-friendly school structures, encouraging the involvement of teachers at every decision-making level. Your teachers will appreciate having her as a champion.

Dr. Virginia Rhodes — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Virginia Rhodes

Rethink. Retool. Reboot your school or district culture.

Fresh thinking about equity & racial justice in K-12 public schooling; new models that support student-centered, teacher-led, family-friendly education.

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