Valuing Your Impact As An Educator:

Valuing Your Impact As An Educator:

Key Change Agent in America’s Developing History

Educating America's youth is a monumental and daunting task fraught with many obstacles and challenges. Educators are the first to come under fire when students and schools perform below expectations. The essential work of the educator is too often undervalued and over-evaluated. The combination of which can lead to massive losses to the teaching profession due to compassion fatigue (burn-out), morale crises within staff and the decline of educational aspirants to teach the next generation of the students. In the face of the mounting teacher shortages across the U.S. those in the profession must affirm and reaffirm one another as critical change agents in America's developing history. Educators at every level must understand the paradigms that shape the needs of our economy and our culture as globalization of resources and localization of interests become driving factors in America's developing history. Participants will: 1.) Be creatively challenged to explore their own professional philosophy of education and how it matches the practice of educating youth. 2.) Explore the meaning and the power of paradigms and how they shape the cultural frameworks out of which we work and live. 3.) Be engaged in an interactive discussion of paradigms as they perceive them and those that are emerging. 4.) Examine the practices that substitute for real education 5.) Be challenged to examine their role in the practice of teaching as real thought shapers and capacity builders Format: May Be Tailored to a 1 hour Keynote, a 3 hour or 6 hour full day workshop Who will gain the most benefit from this Program: <> New or aspiring educators <> Veteran educators <> Education administrators <> Post-Secondary Education Faculty <> Parent Student Teacher Associations <> Home-school and charter school educators <> School - Base Decision Making Councils  

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Garry M.Spotts

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