Keynote Speech - Designing Our Life to Live and Perform in Our Genius Zone

Keynote Speech - Designing Our Life to Live and Perform in Our Genius Zone

Team Success and Work Harmony occur when We allow the Best in Us to bring out the Genius in Others.

This inspirational, engaging, and action-oriented presentation is specially designed for Millennials, who will make up 75% of the global working professionals by 2025, and Gen Z, who will make up 30% of the workforce by 2030. As an experiential speaker, Johnny shares the step-by-step roadmap to discovering the “Six Cornerstones to Self Mastery.” The clarity of “Strategic Thinking and Planning, and Emotional Intelligence” leads to a creative mindset that empowers individuals with enhanced confidence, a positive attitude, and increased productivity, especially in today’s increased use and reliance on Artificial Intelligence. Individuals who successfully embrace resilience and conscious leadership skills achieve and maintain a healthy work-life balance, benefiting themselves, their team, and their corporate family. ROI for this keynote: Johnny’s message, delivered with high energy and an entertaining storytelling style, will provide current and future leaders with the blueprint to gain a new perspective on conscious living and personal leadership by experiencing empowering behavioral change. The life-changing personal paradigm shift of understanding that “We Lead People; We Manage Situations” will contribute to the corporate family’s loyalty and success through improved team performance and customer service, leading to increased sales and profits. The audience will: Learn how to create their personal brands and project a professional image both in person and online. Strengthen their verbal and non-verbal communication skills and networking prowess. Learn how to build lasting relationships in their professional and personal life. Develop strategies to assemble a winning team and promote loyalty. Increase their opportunities for career advancement and personal success. Be inspired to improve their community and leave a legacy for others to follow.

Johnny Tan Experiential Keynote Speaker — Motivational Speaker

Johnny Tan Experiential Keynote Speaker

Multigenerational Communication & Personal Leadership Expert

Multigenerational Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Teambuilding, Communication, and Leadership Expert - Former Chief Operating Officer, Multi-Award Winning & Bestselling Author, Social Entrepreneur, Executive Career & Life Coach, Mentor, Workshop Presenter, Top 100 Visionaries in Education for the year 2020-2021, Global BRAINZ Magazine Executive Contributor, Radio Talk Show Host, Founder and CEO of From My Mama's Kitchen® Education Platform, and Publisher of Inspirations for Better Living Digital Magazine.

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