Think and Grow Rich for Women

Think and Grow Rich for Women

Using YOUR power to create success and significance

Women are the future of American business. According to a recent Nielsen report, women will control two-thirds of American consumer wealth in less than a decade. Authorized by the Author Sharon Lechter and the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Copeland teaches the 13 traits all women need to create success and significance. -Learn how to address the issues women face today with real life advice on how to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities...from family issues, to job advancement, to business ownership. -Trade in the life-work balance guilt trip for the pursuit of ONE BIG LIFE filled with love, family, satisfaction and success. Copeland's keynote provides unique insights and specific steps to boost people’s levels of personal success, their financial IQ and their bank balance! “I will focus on providing people with the knowledge, skills and tools people need to ultimately think, act and grow rich,” say Lisa . “This keynote/seminar will be particularly of use to professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, investors and anyone in general who’d like to improve their financial situation. Everyone can benefit from becoming better at managing their mind, their money and their finances,”

Lisa Copeland — Motivational Speaker

Lisa Copeland

Purpose, People, Profit

"Sales Keynote Speaker,Lisa Copeland teaches sales organizations the "3 P's" Purpose+ People= Profits! Delivering extraordinary sales results by creating a "Sold-Out" culture, where people believe that what they do matters.!

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