“Forever & For All to See"

“Forever & For All to See"

Your Online Image is Everything: Shine Online as You Should

• Format: Keynote, Breakout Sessions, Group Consulting, Online Programs • Perfect For: Corporate, Conference, Leadership, Empowerment, Education • NOTE: Live in-person OR virtual options available Summary: HIGH-CONTENT, HIGH ENERGY, INTERACTIVE. Features the growing importance of reputation/image management in this day of “digital everything.” The goal is to fuel a mindfulness about the fact that there is so little room for a "what was I thinking moment," online or off, before it could become attached to you "forever and for all to see," one mouse click away. That's especially alarming with the increasing pressure and temptation to share details of our lives, as well as our thoughts, with the world, regularly. It’s based on Catherine’s own story of global, online humiliation, that she was able to rise above. It got her invited to appear on shows like Oprah, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, The O'Reilly Factor On the cautionary side, the program is empowering, providing actionable steps to protect yourself, on a personal and professional level, from digital/social media drama. On the inspirational side, the presentation provides hope for overcoming such situations as Catherine shares her P.A.C.T. strategy for rising above. Too many people believe their lives and careers are over when something like a post, picture, email or text goes bad. Catherine is living proof it doesn't have to be that way.

Catherine Bosley — Motivational Speaker

Catherine Bosley

Shine Online as You Should!

Forget "image is everything," today it's "online image is everything." From individuals to big business, that is your FOREVER AND FOR ALL TO SEE! As a TV news anchor I learned the hard way how easily it can be marred, even invited to appear on shows like GMA and OPRAH to share my story. I also learned how to make a comeback and offer unique insight on how to protect yourself, your business, your loved ones...and rise above!

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