Unlocking Entrepreneurship with the "4-F" Framework for Business Success

Unlocking Entrepreneurship with the "4-F" Framework for Business Success

Audience: Early-stage entrepreneurs, start-ups, those transitioning from corporate to self-employed Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour Description: Most people already have the skills they need to start a successful business -- and they don't even know it! But the truth is, your God-given talents can be profitable if you take the right steps to start and scale your business. In this keynote, I'll share my harrowing story of overcoming domestic violence and how I used the transformative "4-F" Framework - Family, Facilities, Finances and Faculty - to start, grow, and scale the largest African-American-owned business in my region. This session includes essential topics such as financing operations, capital, staffing and more -- equipping you with concrete strategies to achieve entrepreneurial success and generational wealth.

LaFarris Risby — Motivational Speaker

LaFarris Risby

"The decision you make today, will affect your tomorrow."

Dare to dream and believe that the impossible is possible -- All while manifesting your vision from dream to profit, creating your legacy, re-igniting your dreams, managing your family like a business, and rising up from victim to victor!

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