Retire.  Relax.  Renew!

Retire. Relax. Renew!

Creating Your Elder Mojo in the 21st Century

RETIRE. RELAX. RENEW! Creating Your Elder Mojo in the 21st Century Active, healthy, and vibrant seniors are a cornerstone asset in any city! Retirees built Florida and deserve credit for the depth and breadth of their contributions. In this session, retirees will feel fully and dramatically credited with the magnitude of their collective and individual work to make Florida the vibrant state it became. The program is interactive and can be divided into 3 segments in any order, or can be tailored to align with other program activities. All 3 segments can be done together in each keynote if each keynote is for a different group of attendees, or can be separated if the audience is attending all 3 sessions, so that there’s no repetition. I. Where did I put my Mojo? •What is it? Is it alive & kickin’? Or lost under a laundry pile of confusion, discontent, and indecision? •Listeners will see & hear a litany of their collective accomplishments and will be able to reflect on the fact that their work life mattered, but life without work is our chance to reclaim everything we sacrificed •Fun & lively trip down memory lane based on cultural reference points (multi-cultural) from the generations represented. •Attendees will be taught to assess their current state of mind and body with some simple verbal tools and physical cues. Mojo is defined as your life spirit, your reason for living, and those things that want to make you live long and be healthy. II. Mojo-Building Strategies • Holes your mojo might have fallen down into! Reviewing your intentions for retirement, getting honest with yourself about what you really want to do & who you really want to be compared to your actual daily experience. •Building your mojo support team—assessing your relationships, from mending old fences, healing old wounds, to new friendships, new loves, blending families and other family ties. •New avenues of discovery-what did you always want to learn to do; where did you want to go to see, who did you want to be? How to get your bucket list moving! III. Secrets of the Mojo • We only get fleeting glimpses of it—what are the signs? •It’s only found through continual seeking • It must be sought daily as it is the sum total of daily practice • It is found in personal and local spaces, and in far-away places •It appears as a result of physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual stimulation Closing—involves a physical demonstration of crediting and commitment to one’s best self. This is an exhilarating mass exercise that will have your audience leaving in a wonderful and grateful frame of mind, determined to be active and healthy in a well-rounded way. OPTIONS and Notes: As a speaker, I always prefer to tailor my work to the exact vibe of the organizers’ purposes. If we work together, I’d like to look at whatever data you may have on your retirees. •If city retirees are mostly working a next job or career, I would adapt for that and work those issues into the presentation. •If your retirees include a high proportion of younger (under 58?) workers, they may not connect with the term “elder” or “senior” yet. This (and the title) can be adjusted and worked with so that every retiree, no matter their age or job stature, will see themselves and recognize their story. Please contact me either through Speaker Match or directly for any questions that might help you determine whether my program could fill your needs Virginia Rhodes (513)-207-2566. I must say I’m terribly impressed that Florida makes and keeps this kind of commitment and would be delighted to work with you. Personal details: I consider myself a senior and wise elder (70), am delighted to be retired and physically active. You will find me warm and engaging with your audience--I love doing this work!

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Dr. Virginia Rhodes

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