Making Green Sexy

Making Green Sexy

Learn to make green products and services sexy to Deep Green, Lazy Green, and Nongreen markets

With dynamic interactive delivery, bold graphics, and examples ranging from toilet paper to ice cream to the Empire State Building, Shel Horowitz of shows how to make green products and services sexy to Deep Green, Lazy Green, and Nongreen markets—using different talking points that work for each sector. An international speaker, Shel is the lead author of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green (30-month Environmental category bestseller on the internationally syndicated column Green And Profitable...and—as a green profitability/green marketing expert—consults to businesses and organizations around the world. Six off his eight books have won at least one award and/or been republished in other countries; his work has been translated into Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, and Turkish. A typical "Making Green Sexy" talk includes… • The mindsets of those three types of buyers—and talking points to resonate with each • Case studies and examples both from major brands (such as Walmart, Ben & Jerry's, and Guerrilla Marketing International) and small-but-brilliant organizations • Hands-on exercises including a participant brainstorm of how to market an actual green product • Colorful illustrations of green products, green messaging, and the power to make a difference in the world Participant Takeaways: • Awareness of the power—and EASE—of marketing your green initiatives • An understanding of the need to create different messaging to reach each market sector • Specific language that can be used to market your own products and services • Frameworks for convincing others in the organization that sustainability/green business/environmentally friendly practices are not just good for the planet, but can be a powerful business success and profitability strategy Shel has presented versions of this talk, customized for each audience, in venues as diverse as a public relations conference in Davos, Switzerland...a green building conference in Houston, Texas...a national green mega-event in Washington, DC (among many others). For nongreen audiences of his own, Shel also offers "Making Your Message Sexy"—adapting the same core principles to any group that needs to reach multiple market sectors. Meeting Planners and Industry Experts Say: “It was a delight to have Shel Horowitz present at the Sustainable Foods Summit. Not only did he do a fabulous presentation on green marketing, but he also stepped in on less than two weeks notice to do the opening second-day keynote-a well-delivered inspirational message tracking food sustainability through the ages and into the future. Shel also understands how to work with meeting planners, and in both of his talks, stayed enthusiastic, interacted well with the audience, and kept to his allotted time.” —Marie-Theres Wimmer, Austria: Organizer, Sustainable Foods Summit “Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with our members - We had the most ever sign-ups—over 170. We had the most ever on the call—nearly 50. This was the most interactive of all our webinars with the most call in questions.” —Denise Hamler, Director, Green America Green Business Network “Shel’s expertise in both marketing and environmental issues is doubly valuable for eco-conscious entrepreneurs and business owners. His talk at the Green Business Entrepreneur Summit demonstrated that he is a powerhouse of effective marketing strategies for social and eco-entrepreneurs.” —Priti Ambani, Managing Editor, Ecopreneurist “Shel's workshop was spectacular. He transformed a topic which could be considered dry and boring into an enjoyable and highly useful (and entertaining) workshop. Shel provided us with real-world examples of how to connect with the media in a way that gets us noticed and gets us ‘gigs.’” —D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed., Organizer, Book Marketing Online Summit And Finally: Shel also offers many other talks on green marketing, general marketing/publishing, and entrepreneurship—and can also create a new custom program just for you. Please visit to learn more (click “Have Shel Speak”). Shel lives in Massachusetts (United States) and flies from Hartford for domestic talks, Boston or New York City for international presentations.

Shel Horowitz, GreenProfitabilityExpert — Motivational Speaker

Shel Horowitz, GreenProfitabilityExpert

Blend social justice/environmental healing AND profitability

Guilt, Shame Don't Change the World…But the Profit Motive Does: Address Hunger/Poverty/War/Catastrophic Climate Change for Higher Revenues, Lower Costs, and Greater Profits: Green/Social Change Profitability Expert/Bestselling Author Shel Horowitz

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