Learning How to Enjoy Staying Healthy and Fit

Learning How to Enjoy Staying Healthy and Fit

Adapting to Remote Working and the New World

Finally, its fall of 2023!!! New Year's resolutions do not work! Did you know there is even a day called "Quitters Friday now?. Motivation in Latin (movere) means to move! You have heard that good food and exercise benefit a long life. Many start out with New Year’s resolutions, and gym memberships decline after less than two weeks. Why is this? Anxiety is at its high with all the chaos over the last few years. People have become even more sedentary from working from home. We also have an aging population to deal with. With Covid and World Events, fears, health and well-being will continue to decline. Have you experienced PICKLEBALL? It is not a fad! Giani has run over 24 marathons and ultra-marathons, breaking the 3-hour barrier twice. In his last few marathons, he has run with a hernia. Is running or any exercise just about physical health? In his new book “Running from the Cops-Experiencing Zero Time.” Giani teaches how zero-time (from any exercise), which Albert Einstein discovered over 100 years ago, will change your well-being and improve your health. In the one-hour presentation, Giani will help answer these questions: How can people change their health habits? What are the hidden health changes we have yet to discover? How do we get motivated to change our health? What does our perception have to do with it? As a mentalist, Giani offers his clients psychological entertainment as well. One hour mixer, walk around entertainment before the presentation will be tailored to your company objectives. Quick connect at 210-219-5596. NOW SERVIING WORLDWIDE!

Giani — As Seen on America's Got Talent — Motivational Speaker

Giani — As Seen on America's Got Talent

Giani provides programs that include magic and mentalism!

Decision-making amongst all the chaos. How? Giani provides a Las Vegas value, audience-interactive, content-driven presentation you will never forget. A FULL-TIME national speaker, author, professional performer, and cancer survivor. Where magic and content collide with an unforgettable finish! Much more than a stand-up talk, it's a life-changing experience where the audience is 100 percent involved. Unlimited options and packages are available. A combined 90 reviews on GigSalad, GigMasters, and Google. Value-oriented. This is a new world now; things have changed. Sure, you can book a conventional speaker. Or, you can book an unconventional speaker who has adapted and presents a one-of-a-kind program that will be talked about months, if not years, after your conference ends. Next stops: Indianapolis, North Texas, Chicago, Seattle, Colorado Springs. New York, New Jersey, Kalahari Lake Chelan Resorts and Las Vegas. Quick connect: 210-219-5596

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