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Have you noticed when you're on a commercial airline that a flight attendant confirms where the flight is going just prior to takeoff? Likewise, let me share with you where this seminar is going and who should be "on board". Guidelines and materials offered in this program are for those who want to: ➢ LEARN WHAT IT MEANS TO THINK, WORK, AND LIVE AS A HEALTHY CAREGIVER ➢ LEARN THE SIMPLICITY OF SUCCESS IN STAYING HEALTHY & VITAL ➢ LEARN THE UNSTOPPABLE POWER OF A PERSONAL VISION FOR VITALITY AND HEALTH MIXED WITH PERSONAL FOCUS ➢ LEARN WHAT IT MEANS TO BE AN EFFICIENT PERSONAL OPTIMUM HEALTH CREATOR FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS ➢ LEARN THE PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSONAL SUCCESS IN GAINING AND MAINTAINING VITALITY & HEALTH This seminar is for three types of "passengers". The first are those involved in the next trillion-dollar industry of health and wellness, as predicted by Paul Zane Pilzer – a great book to read for anyone in any part of the health care industry! This program is also for the second type of passenger – anyone who is in the position of being a caregiver and who needs more and better skills and insights about success in a caring optimally for oneself while in the role of caring for another. The third passenger type includes those involved in the traditional private sector, such as cancer patients themselves, or those who don’t want to get sick in the first place, that have discovered that the materials available in this program are extremely insightful and applicable to them as well. Whatever group you're in, if optimum health and vitality is your destination…… Welcome Aboard! NOTE: I'd love to connect with you in person, so...For availability, programs tailored specifically for your organization, staff, company or group, and for fees, please call Dr Marilyn Joyce's office at: 800-352-3443.

Dr Marilyn Joyce, PhD, RD, The Vitality Doctor — Motivational Speaker

Dr Marilyn Joyce, PhD, RD, The Vitality Doctor

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