You Can't Walk Through the Pigpen Without Getting Mud on Your Feet

You Can't Walk Through the Pigpen Without Getting Mud on Your Feet

Self-care and Burnout in Healthcare

Through the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many individuals get so caught up in serving others that they often overlook crucial self-care treatment. This highly interactive, engaging and uplifting workshop will help these individuals explore areas where fatigue may occur. Jan Spence will share her experience running a rape crisis center and how she helped individuals maintain a healthy balance between service to others and home and personal life. This program will provide refreshing new mindsets and tools to help prevent burnout. During the course, the participants will engage in group exercises and discussions to increase self-awareness by exploring their own limitations, challenges and struggles with maintaining a balance between balancing work and professional duties with self-care. Participants will: 1. Identify vulnerable areas and symptoms of burnout, stress, and lack of self-care. 2. Learn to set effective boundaries at work with coworkers, partners, and at home. 3. Implement strategies to maintain their own physical, personal, spiritual and mental health in order to ensure professional effectiveness.

Jan Spence, CSP — Motivational Speaker

Jan Spence, CSP

Inspirer, Rainmaker, Catalyst

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