Hiring for Results

Hiring for Results

The Link Between the Right Employee and Business Success

Interviewing is one of the key business activities that can make or break your organization. Business owners can often feel as if they are unable to compete. Don't set your sights on getting the "best of the worst" to fill a job vacancy. Slow down, recruit the right candidate, take time to interview, check references, complete a background check and only then should you hire the best person for the job. Consider these important questions: • Did I ask the same old interview questions? • Will this applicant get along with others? • Is this really the best person for the job? • Is there a job description to ensure clear expectations can be established prior to hiring? • Have references been called and a background check conducted? • Will this person help the organization achieve its goals?   If you heave a sigh when you ask these questions, it is time to come to consider the presentation Hiring for Results, topics include: • The Purpose of the Interview • Analyze Top Performers and Identify Skills • Create Competency Based Questions • Introduction to Behavioral Interviewing • Interview Mistakes • Illegal Interview Questions

Glenna Hecht — Motivational Speaker

Glenna Hecht

Speaker, Consultant, Author, HR Guru

Glenna Hecht is an accomplished speaker, trainer, consultant, and author as well as a certified SPHR.. Her 30 years of experience and her do the right thing philosophy provide a winning combination that has led to significant ROI for her clients.

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