Diversity for the Bottom Line

Diversity for the Bottom Line

Turning Differences Into Dollars

KEYNOTE SPEECH FOR: Large corporations, science labs, small businesses, non-profits When most people think of diversity, it usually only goes as far as skin color. But for a company or organization to really profit from diversity, it needs to go deeper than that. Studies have shown that organizations that have a team of people with different industry backgrounds, different social and economic backgrounds, genders, cultures, attitudes, and belief systems tend to innovate faster and more efficiently than just having a team composed of racial diversity. Failure to create highly diversified teams often results in GroupThink, a psychological phenomenon where the need for group harmony outweighs rational decision-making and stunts innovation. Studies in science labs have proven that the lab teams with the most diversity in all areas created the most innovative projects, and exhausted all possibilities in problem solving. Attendees will learn: How extreme diversity generates the most original ideas Why the definition of diversity needs to change How to educate your staff and HR reps in a new definition of diversity How organizations who embrace all diversity will outperform the competition

Julie Austin — Motivational Speaker

Julie Austin

Inventing the Future

Award-winning inventor & serial entrepreneur. Innovation & creativity expert who's appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX News, The Today Show and the Wall Street Journal.

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