Dare to Dream!

Dare to Dream!

DreamMakers: Making Impossible Dreams Happen

What happens when we dream? Dreams inspire hope. Passion. Energy. Excitement. They are the thread that pulls us through the hard times, the mental health challenges, the trauma, the grief, and everything life throws at us. We are inspired even by hearing about other people's dreams. And even more so when we help make their dreams happen. In this interactive session, Carla leads the audience through dreamstorming, dreamcasting, and dreamsharing. The solutions are crowdsourced, as together, we make magic as we help remove obstacles and make each others' dreams come true. DreamMakers is more than just an event. It's a way of connecting and inspiring our community, and making an impact for others.

Carla Taylor — Motivational Speaker

Carla Taylor

DreamMakers Dream: Making Impossible Dreams Happen

DreamMakers are ChangeMakers! Change the world by dreaming about what's possible - and then making that happen! When you dare to dream, AND take action on your dreams, you inspire everyone around you. Kids dream big because their needs are small. Adults dream small because their needs are big. In this magical workshop / event series, you will come together to dreamstorm and share your dreams, then crowdsource ideas, solutions, and resources. All will be energized & inspired!

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