Creating Your Own Purpose Driven Business

Creating Your Own Purpose Driven Business

21 Ways to Increase Teamwork, Be Focused and Happier Daily

Your purpose is the number one driver in everything that we do. By putting your purpose first, you are able to align all parts of your business or organization to what you do on a daily basis. This gives you a happier environment, a more focused environment, a more productive team and ultimately a more prosperous organization. We base everything on the BE -DO - HAVE operating model. So in focusing on the "BE" first, you and your workforce have a solid base to be in action from. Most organizations operate from a "DO" first model that allows you to find some success but as a long term model, you usually pay the price of under achievement in other areas of your business. So you may have increased production, only to have unhappy customers or employees or both! Your purpose is your "BE", not your action or "DO". This is a common misconception. By being clear to your purpose of being, you then can take the correct actions (DO) that reflect your state of being. By the time your audience leaves this presentation, they will all have a clear understanding how their personal purpose plays an important role to the success of their company or organization.

Jim Connolly — Motivational Speaker

Jim Connolly

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As Featured on NBC's The Doctors TV Show, CEO Magazine and The New York Times, Team Building Authority, Author and Inspirational Speaker Reveals How to Find Your Happiness, Fulfillment and Abundance at Work, Home and Play!

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