Redefining the Word "Handicap" and Replace the Myths About Our Apparent Limitations & Opportunities.

Everyone has limitations. The danger of self-actualization lies in accepting those limitations as “handicaps”. By redefining the word “handicap” as “anything which keeps me from being or becoming all that I was created to be,”  and replace the myths we accept about our apparent limitations with a realistic understanding of what truly prevents success provides a vehicle to personal and professional fulfillment.

Jeff Steinberg — Motivational Speaker

Jeff Steinberg

"You're A Masterpiece In Progress!"

He stands 4'6" tall on wobbly legs; he holds a microphone with a metal hook attached to a myo-electric prosthetic arm; yet he commands the entire stage and fills the auditorium with his "UNIQUE" Message: "You're A Masterpiece In Progress!" Though armless and "handicapped, Keynote Speaker/Author/Entertainer Jeff Steinberg sees his disabilities as assets, not liabilities. He wants you to know that, "The least likely person can accomplish the most extraordinary things in a most unusual way!"

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