Move out of STRUGGLE & into JOY!

Move out of STRUGGLE & into JOY!

Learn simple strategies to REtrain your BRAIN!

Neuroscience knows some proven brain-hacks to help you live a better life? During this highly motivational presentation you will discover cutting-edge simple strategies and practical tips to increase happiness, productivity, relationships & overall wellbeing. According to a recent Gallup Poll, only 17% of Americans are satisfied with their overall lives; and “how to be happy” is Google searched over 45 million times worldwide EACH MONTH. Learn how 21st century technology and new brain research have unlocked ways for you to use MIND to change your life. Uncover crucial mistakes most people make in their daily thoughts that literally sabotage the way the brain functions. Learn How To: - 5 simple strategies to move out of struggle - Quick ways to create "feel good" chemicals in your brain - The biggest threat to your brain's happiness - Understand how the MIND can change the BRAIN

Staci Danford-Brains & Business Expert — Motivational Speaker

Staci Danford-Brains & Business Expert

reWIRE your BRAIN to reINVENT your future.

Staci is the perfect mix of JOY & Neuroscience: teaching you how to transform your life, your business and your relationships using cutting-edge science to change brain patterns. This presentation is Interactive, Humorous, Insightful & Unforgettable.

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