Empathy: A New Leadership Essential

Empathy: A New Leadership Essential

What Employees Look For in Their Leaders

Research confirms, if you want a happier, more productive staff, empathy leadership skills are a must. Over the last few years there has been a lot of research and studies carried out on what employees look for in their leaders. According to studies carried out by Development Dimensions International (DDI) and others empathy is the biggest single leaderships skill needed today. The next 10 years are not going to be like the last 10 years. If you want to attract and retain the most talented staff you are going to need the leadership skills the next generation is inspired by. Researchers at Gonzaga University found that “Empathy is a universal team value that promotes high commitment and cooperation in the workplace.” Being able to listen and respond with empathy outshines all other skills in today’s workplace. Mike’s cutting edge Empathy Leaderships Skills program will have your leaders engaged with staff on a level never experienced before. Attendees will be able to take this new skill set and put it to work immediately. When your leaders lead with empathy your staff will be more loyal, happier, they will work better together and will be more creative. When empathy is demonstrated at the top, it is passed down throughout the organization, resulting in an increase in teamwork, decrease in staff conflict, which always leads to increased productivity. Watch as your absenteeism shrinks and morale soars. The impact of this program reaches far beyond the session itself, creating an emotional shift that fuels immediate implementation.

Mike Parker — Motivational Speaker

Mike Parker

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Mike Parker is a Dynamic Speaker with a Life-Changing message. Your audience will laugh, learn and be inspired like never before. Mike is considered one of the most gifted storytellers and passionate speakers you will ever see. With his ideal mix of enthusiasm and humor, and captivating motivational stories, Mike is the perfect professional speaker for your next event.

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