Full Spectrum Leadership

Full Spectrum Leadership

The Art and Skill of Leadership Relatability

The Keynote addresses the following questions and offers actionable ideas to achieve and to inspire relatable leadership in your organization: • What is Relatability? • Why is Relatability an Essential Skill for Leadership? • As a Skill, Relatability is Learnable and Must Be Acquired. • What does Relatability Help a Leader Achieve? • What happens in organizations where Relatability Fails? • Teaching leaders and aspiring leaders to become increasingly Relatable? Relatability is a critical skill for leadership in business, community building, and family development. It may be the single most essential skill that every leader must develop in our highly competitive multi-generational environment. Whether you lead a paid or a volunteer team, you will need a host of skills that maximize your organization’s productivity. Relatability is key. Building relatability in your organizational culture produces the following outcomes: • Relatable leaders increase staff satisfaction, which in turn improves customer engagement. • Relatable leaders increase team resiliency. • Relatable leaders empower team members to achieve more. • Relatable leaders create a supportive and dynamic culture. The talk may be a 30 – 45 minute keynote address or a half-day 4-hour workshop for an in-depth look at leadership relatability to include discussing the different personality profiles. Printed materials are provided for use as reference guides during and after the learning experience.

Garry M.Spotts — Motivational Speaker

Garry M.Spotts

Growth Is The Only Evidence of Life, Change And Grow Or Die!

Growth is Optional, Coincidental or Intentional, but Never Accidental! How 15 minutes a day of thoughtfulness can bridge the gap between average and exceptional in your personal, professional and business life.

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