Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

Creating healthy, vibrant and collaborative organizational cultures!

Servant Leadership sounds “oxymoronic,” but it is, in fact, the single most impactful form of Leadership. One of the greatest failures of Leadership in an organization is the illusion of power. Too often, people lead others through coercion and command rather than commitment and collaboration. At the heart of virtually all failed Leadership is the notion that a person works for me instead of working with me. Servant Leadership, by its very nature, is designed to empower a team, grow the individuals, and forge effective synergies that move the entire team and organization forward. In Servant Leadership, success metrics include both people and organizational health and growth.

Garry M.Spotts — Motivational Speaker

Garry M.Spotts

Growth Is The Only Evidence of Life, Change And Grow Or Die!

Growth is Optional, Coincidental or Intentional, but Never Accidental! How 15 minutes a day of thoughtfulness can bridge the gap between average and exceptional in your personal, professional and business life.

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