3 C's of Uncrashable Leadership

3 C's of Uncrashable Leadership

Crash, Combat, Commit

The 3 C's of Uncrashable Leadership session, Dave dives deep into an interactive activity focused on the 3 C's of Uncrashable Leadership: Crash, Combat and Commit. Where, the Crashes of life will come and how will you respond? Combat, how do you plan on facing the setbacks that life brings? Finally, giving yourself the space to Commit to creating a better you from the lessons learned. Visit, www.MooreMotivated.com to book your next breakout session!

Dave Moore — Motivational Speaker

Dave Moore

Your Captain for a Mindset Makeover!

3X Plane Crash Survivor, Leader-Developer. Inspirational keynotes based on true events and a 'transformational' mindset!

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