Often, leaders focus on clarity, execution and effective communication to become a great leader. However, they overlook the commitment to lead courageously. Usually, this can be seen where a corporate leader is vocalizing an idea, yet, the project fails to come to fruition. No one rallies behind their project, deadlines are missed, and people are put onto performance review. The unfortunate reality is that the leader often misses the fundamental proponent of driving the team – The Why behind the vision. Before anything can be accomplished, a motivated leader must have a clear vision of where they are headed and what it is that they are seeking to accomplish. Cody has spent the past 15 years leveraging Vision Driven Leadership to give people hope, from youth to professionals working in the corporate world. From this journey, he learned no matter what the vision is, we must keep in mind that there will be unexpected disruptions, obstacles, and rapid changes to which we must adapt as we move forward. Ultimately, what keeps him moving forward, and what leaders can use is their ‘why’, the core behind Vision Driven Leadership. Actionable Takeaways: Steps to identify the strong why behind a vision that can stimulate execution. How to roll out a ‘why’ into a tangible plan that encourages full team participation. 3 Pillars to creating a strong Vision Driven Leadership message.

Cody Byrns  — Motivational Speaker

Cody Byrns

International speaker, best-selling author & burn survivor

Helping audiences transform their setbacks into one heck of a comeback. He delivers relevant, applicable, and thought-provoking messages. Expert speaker for the following categories: - Inspirational - Leadership - Communication - Adversity - Teamwork/Team building - Success Speaking history includes those in the following arenas: - Associations - Corporate - Colleges and Universities - Healthcare/Medical - Youth Conferences

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