Leading with empathy

Leading with empathy

Improving performance with a people-first focus

Dr. David Harkins is a social scientist who researches organizational culture and its correlation to leadership and organizational performance. His programs focus on the human experiences in organizations and how they might be improved by creating psychological safety and trust, enabling stronger interpersonal connections, appreciating and embracing the diversity of our differences, and facilitating creativity and entrepreneurial mindsets. His presentations, talks, and workshops are for executives, managers, and teams alike.

David Harkins — Motivational Speaker

David Harkins

Improving organizational performance

My presentations, talks, and workshops focus on facilitating entrepreneurial mindsets, encouraging personal responsibility and empowerment, and facilitating the exploration of the strengths of our differences. The outcomes of my work enable a deepening of interpersonal connections, organizational culture improvements, and improvements in operational performance within your company or organization.

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