Leadership and Management Talks

Leadership and Management Talks

Various Topics available from Jen Bilger around Leadership & Management

As an Author, Speaker, Certified Behavioral Consultant and Business/Leadership Coach, Jen Bilger captivates diverse audiences worldwide with her curated topics and engaging talks, customized to speak to the audiences specific needs. Using her vast experience and expertise spanning various industries, she inspires participants and empowers individuals to become exceptional leaders in areas that include but are not limited to: Workshop/Talk Overview and Topic List: 1. Unleashing the Power of Effective Leadership Skills 2. From Technical Excellence to Leadership Excellence: Nurturing Leadership Skills for Individual Contributors 3. Change Is Inevitable: 6 Key Actions to Lead any Team through Change 4. Effective Delegation: Empowering Teams and Achieving Results 5. Strategic Sales Techniques for Business Professionals 6. Effective Management Skills for Young Professionals 7. Conflict Resolution Mastery: Navigating Conflict with Confidence 8. DISC Training Workshops 9. Setting the Course: Strategy and Team Goal Setting Workshop 10. Navigating Change: Effective Communication Strategies Workshop 11. Strategic Goal Setting: Empowering Teams for Success 12. Interviewing to Build the Right Team, not a ‘Right Now’ Team 13. All I do is Win, Win, Win… Negotiating to Get What you Want in Business Contracts 14. 8 Tips and Techniques to Better Advocate for Yourself and Achieve your Work and Career Goals 15. Effective Strategies and Techniques to Strengthen Team Bonds and Build a High Performing Team 16. What do Cupcakes tell you about your Customer’s Unique Buying Style? 17. Skills-Based Hiring Workshop: Unlocking Talent Potential 18: Leading Teams through Turbulent Times 19: Crisis Proof Leadership 20: Contact Jen today to inquire about how she can cultivate a talk or workshop meant just for your audience- as a seasoned speaker, she can curate and convey a lasting impression that keeps your audience and attendees engaged and walking away with actionable strategies!

Jen Bilger — Motivational Speaker

Jen Bilger

Leadership Unleashed and Growth Amplified

Why hire Jen Bilger? With a proven track record of developing solid leaders, empowering teams, maximizing sales performance and cultivating a culture of excellence within organizations, Jen Bilger, blends together her compelling storytelling with actionable strategies and engaging audience interaction, leaving a lasting impact on every stage she graces. Throughout her impressive career, Jen Bilger has worked with diverse clientele that range from small businesses and startups to Fortune 500 companies, curating messages geared toward her audiences that enable them to overcome challenges, achieve unprecedented growth and take away valuable knowledge they can use immediately. She has delivered keynote addresses, talks, workshops and training sessions to audiences of all sizes, sharing insights that resonate across industries and professions.

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