Creating Leaders at Every Level

Creating Leaders at Every Level

Manage up, manage down and navigate decisions

Companies are just big collections of projects. Employees at every level are on the front lines of leading those projects. Navigating decisions can be a challenge, especially when you’re not the final decision-maker. Your executives, your internal team, and your external customer all want something from you. Learn a simple, non-technical way to align your projects to your company vision, sell it to the executives, and be sure it will make you money. Motivate your team and influence executives the same way expert marketers influence customers to want to buy their products. Gerry O'Brion has been a marketing executive for billion dollar brands, and has distilled that experience into strategies you can use to evaluate and gain alignment around projects that matter. His presentation will cover six questions you should be asking about every project. Gerry will have you look at your projects with a fresh perspective. You will reexamine why your projects are important, and why that matters to your team and your company. The fun, thought-provoking dialogue will generate real ideas you can use immediately. What You’ll Get - Leading from above or below. - Navigating challenging decisions. - 6 questions to ask your team and your executives. - Expanding your sphere of influence. - Motivating your team like a master marketer. - Creating a listening organization. “Simple, common sense tools that are invaluable to managers and leaders to help steer your projects in the right direction and increase your sphere of influence.” - Cindy Drako, Program Manager, Centura Health “Very engaging speaker with great takeaways on how to motivate a team.” - David Lane, LGS Innovations

Gerry O'Brion — Motivational Speaker

Gerry O'Brion

Becoming the #1 Choice in Crowded Markets

Navigating disruptive change to become the #1 choice. A framework of influence that shows how the power of your BECAUSE will elevate you from the sea of sameness and grow sales.

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