How To Maximize Your Potentialâ„¢

How To Maximize Your Potentialâ„¢

Presentation Speech 60 Minutes or 90 Minutes

7-Step Plan to Maximize Your Potential for Greater Results Are your employees problem solvers? Are they creating new products and profit centers? Are you getting as much out of them as you hoped when you hired them? Maybe morale is low and they are in a slump. All you need is the right leverage! This presentation will provide strategies for unleashing the latent human potential of your workforce. Producing better results and more profitability is the byproduct of becoming better. In this inspiring, humorous, and idea packed program, your audience will receive a 7-step plan for extraordinary results, greater achievement, and maximum success.

Michael McFadden — Motivational Speaker

Michael McFadden

The Leadership Training Company

Leadership and Performance Expert. Recognized as one of the worlds leading business speakers and corporate trainers. Businesses call on Michael when they want true, positive, long-lasting changes.

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