How to be the most effective leader you know in business and life.

Format: Tailored to 45, 60 or 90 minutes This program is perfect for: Leadership Influence Success & Motivation Connection & Relationships Personal Responsibility Customer Service Sales Leaders need engaged employees that perform as one team. Employees need passionate leaders that inspire. Everyone needs to feel clarity and connection. 30 years of experience has clarified one truth -- Successful leadership is influence resulting in a collective agreement to passionately pursue an objective or standard. It sounds simple because it is. Yet year after year, organizations and their leaders struggle to simplify a method for effective leadership. This life-changing keynote gives your audience the simple and actionable understanding of how to be the most effective leader they know, regardless of their title. They'll be fixated by the story of my brush with mortality, sparking the realization that we are our own most important leader. They'll understand the essential elements of leadership in our workplace and personal lives. They'll be motivated when they discover how just a few powerful shifts can transform our energy and performance as teams, as leaders, and as individual employees. Your audience will be emotionally inspired, entertained, and empowered by the opportunity to unleash their collective brilliance and transform their life and leadership. "Aaron speaks truth in a very accessible, clear and honest way ... because he's been living this stuff for decades." -- Bryan Falchuk, Bestselling Author and TEDx speaker Your audience will: 1. Understand the definition of Successful Leadership and how it can transform their success and fulfillment. 2. Actively experience deeper connection and engagement at work and home. 3. Identify the simplicity and power of The Elements of Leadership (Relationships, Clarity, Success Mindset & Self Care) and how to apply each to fuel their success in teams, as leaders and individuals. 4. Recognize why "logical self-love" can transform their experiences at work and home. 5. Get the critical lesson about why motivation may be helpful, but identity is unstoppable.

Captain Aaron Keith Hawkins — Motivational Speaker

Captain Aaron Keith Hawkins

Lead with Brilliance. No matter Your Title.

Aaron's Inspiring, Eye-Opening & Life-Altering Keynotes Hit Every Emotion. Elevate Your Organization's Engagement, Productivity, Performance and Resilience with Aaron's Four Elements of Leadership.

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