The Power of Servant Leadership

The Power of Servant Leadership

Leading by Serving: The Revolutionary Path to Unparalleled Team Success

There is a difference between a leader and a servant leader. Traditional leadership can involve the accumulation and exercise of power by one at the top of the pyramid. The servant leader is a visionary that achieves authority rather than power, and is a servant first. An understanding of the skills and qualities required to be an effective servant leader, such as empathy, listening, and stewardship, can empower individuals and teams, leading to increased innovation, creativity, and engagement. Your audience will walk away with the knowledge of the core principles, the practices of a servant leader, and be encouraged to use innovative tools to critically reflect on their own leadership style. This presentation will inspire your leaders and teams to incorporate servant leadership for a more positive and productive organizational environment.\n\n

Dr. Janice Fortman - — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Janice Fortman -

The Relationship and Communication Strategist

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable position of saying something that did not come out right personally or professionally? Effective communication is the key. I can show you the way.

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