Why Should Anyone Be Led By You

Why Should Anyone Be Led By You

Corporate Motivational Speech/Seminar

Why Should Anyone be Led by You? Part I: How to be an Effective Leader? Just because you have authority — doesn’t mean that you are a leader. And just because you don’t have authority — doesn’t mean that you are not a leader. In any business climate, good leadership is perhaps the most important competitive advantage a company can have. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that management scholars focus relentlessly on the attributes of successful leadership. It’s not likely you’re a natural born leader (most of us aren’t). The top leaders in today’s successful businesses made the journey from manager to leader by making the most of their innate talents, plus spending time on learning the important skills they knew they needed to succeed. Motivating people, conquering setbacks, creating inspired teams–the secrets to developing these skills and more are right here in our conference. Why should anyone be led by you is a two-part interactive seminar that challenges leaders to: (1) reflect on their existing leadership style(s) and build core competencies essential for effective leadership, and (2) understand the psychological disposition of followers and those who support the mission, vision, and goals of the firm/institution. All sections will include activities, interactives, role-playing, and peer modeling. Part I Section I: What do effective leaders do? (45/60 minutes). - They selectively show their weaknesses. By exposing some vulnerability, they reveal their approachability and humanity. - They rely heavily on intuition to gauge the appropriate timing and course of their actions. Their ability to collect and interpret soft data helps them know just when and how to act. - They manage employees with something we call tough empathy. Inspirational leaders empathize passionately–and realistically–with people, and they care intensely about the work employees do. - They reveal their differences. They capitalize on what's unique about themselves. Discussion II: Leadership mistakes you don’t have to make (45/60 minutes). - Lessons learned from 3 poor leadership decisions that made national headlines - 4 mistakes so common they have become “accepted leadership styles” - Attitudes of leaders that can turn into real traps - Confronting people and problems–how not doing this can mess up your company and your future - 5 habits that may seem like a good idea–but can become barriers to your success later Session III: Speak so others know how to follow (45/60 minutes). The ability to get buy-in, garner trust and inspire loyalty en masse isn't a skill you have to be born with. Now you can learn to develop grace under fire and inspire others when giving speeches and presentations. This fast-paced, results-oriented leadership communication session is uniquely designed to strengthen your leadership communication skills modeled on the world's best communicators. You'll learn practical techniques to shape your leadership messages, hone an authentic leadership voice and engage in powerful conversations that achieve results. - Communicating as a leader and as a manager are not the same … here’s insight into the important difference and how you can master both - Practice the powerful Law of Connection that great leaders instinctively know and honor - How to find out if your message is understood … and if it’s being acted on correctly - Who employees really listen to in meetings and why

Dr. Gil Singletary — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Gil Singletary

Dr. Gil Singletary - The Voice of The People

Dr.Gil is an international speaker, bestselling author, community advocate, and a college Dean. With a Ph.D., JD, and MBA - Dr. Gil brings a wealth of knowledge to any event. I challenge you to watch one of his videos and judge for yourself!

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