When Selflessness, Purpose & Power COLLIDE

When Selflessness, Purpose & Power COLLIDE

Leadership. Teamwork. Emotional Intelligence. Self-Awareness. Real Power.

Over the decades, Dr. Joel Freeman has worked with world class professional athletes, Heads of State and CEOs – leaders who generally are unaccustomed to hearing the word “no”. However, people promoted to powerful positions quickly learn how impotent they really are. Blending the authenticity of that internal awareness with high-octane performance is an art form. a). Just about every individual and corporation knows what they do. b). Many know how they do what they do. c). Very few know why they do what they do. Discovering your individual and collective purpose…why you do what you do…is perhaps the most important part of leadership and followership. Plus, we develop a deeper understanding of self-awareness, blind spots and real power. The time spent with Dr. Freeman will be both educational and fun. An important exploration into the purpose and implementation of genuine power – both individually and corporately. ----------------------- Bottom line. Joel Freeman delivers. CELL: 410.991.9718 EMAIL: greatworkshops@gmail.com WEBSITE: JoelSpeaksRealGood.com ________________________________________________________

Joel A. Freeman -- 41 Reviews ***** — Motivational Speaker

Joel A. Freeman -- 41 Reviews *****

"Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"®

"Smart-Fun-Sizzle" for your next event -- For 20 NBA seasons I served in player development for the Washington Bullets/Wizards basketball team...which gave me a unique inside perspective into team chemistry & leadership at the pro level. 410.991.9718

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