Get off your Assets

Get off your Assets

Transformational Leadership that inspires, encourages and motivates!

Attendees will leave with strategic ways to leverage the assets around them and create new ones. Discover the tactics necessary for a leader to create a culture of trust and innovation that encourages not threatens the people and teams they lead. Transformational leaders are able to more strongly guide the organization in the direction that they want after Kate Delaney's keynote or deeper dive workshop. 1. Ways to reach employees as an individual with value and taking the time to understand what motivates them. 2. Effective communication for the overall goals and common vision. Getting buy-in from your team. 3. Improving your skills in making difficult decisions. Honing in with a clear focus on the values, vision, objectives, and goals of the organization. 4. Adapting to new situations, and finding creative ways to respond to a changing environment especially with chaos around you. 5. Inspiring the people you lead to reach for the improbable. *Program will be tailored to fit your group. Can include some Diversity & Inclusion training as well as Understanding and Reducing Biases*

Kate Delaney — Motivational Speaker

Kate Delaney

Increase Your Odds, Win Big and Become Extraordinary

Attract Raving Fans by creating authentic connections and experiences. Kate Delaney helps companies grow monetarily and in human capital. Move people inside and outside of your company from spectators to invested participants.

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