How Leaders (at Any Level) Can Move Teams From Isolated to All In

Based on the Wall Street Journal Bestselling book and #3 Top Leadership Book of 2022! Remote work, advancing technology, and an always-on work culture are fracturing our relationships resulting in deep disconnection. A colossal 72% of global workers feel isolated at least monthly; with 55% saying at least weekly. Feelings of isolation and loneliness among employees are on the rise, and contribute to a real and growing mental health problem that affects both individuals and organizations. You’ll learn how addressing the issues―and finding practical, effective solutions―can transform an isolated workforce to one that’s happier, more engaged, and more productive in their efforts (whether in-person, remote, or hybrid). Combining a decade of leadership consulting and original team connection research, Ryan Jenkins distills everything you need, showing you what’s causing today’s disconnection and how you can increase connection to boost belonging, engagement, retention, and performance with employees at every level (and whether their in-person or remote). Attendees Gain: • An awareness of the new science and the significance of connection. • Strategies that are proven and actionable to cultivate stronger human connections and thrive at work. • Best-in-class research and examples of leaders and teams fostering better connections at work. • Ability to identify workers in need of connection and how to deliver it for them. • The 4-step LINK Framework™ to create connected, driven, and high-performing teams.

Ryan Jenkins, CSP — Motivational Speaker

Ryan Jenkins, CSP

Wall Street Journal Bestselling Leadership Author & Speaker

Ryan Jenkins CSP: WSJ Bestselling Leadership Author | Keynote Speaker | #1 Thought Leader on Team Connection | Generations, Gen Z & Future of Work Expert

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