Designing Cultures of Courage

Designing Cultures of Courage

Cracking the Code of Sustainable High-Impact Performance

Imagine working for an organization where you enjoy going to work every day, where you can bring the best of yourself and fully contribute your passion, intellect, and creativity. In addition, your company consistently attracts the best talent, and there is a waiting list of customers. Finally, your organization is so good that you have had to spin off a consulting practice to meet the demand of other companies who what to immolate your success. This program is based on in-depth research and personal interviews of elite organizations in manufacturing, healthcare, education, the US Military, and an NFL Superbowl champion. I will tell you exactly how to create this kind of high-impact culture.

Daniel B Edds, MBA — Motivational Speaker

Daniel B Edds, MBA

Leadership to Unleash the Human Capacity for Innovation

My mission is to demonstrate how elite organizations are creating high-impact cultures by designing platforms of leadership. Platforms that unleash the human capacity for creativity, innovation, and transformation. It is revolutionary leadership

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