Work/Life Balance:

Work/Life Balance:

The Key to Increased Productivity and Enhanced Health

Finding a way to balance work responsibilities with home life and personal needs is increasingly more difficult in this fast paced world. Explore ways to decrease stress at the office while making healthier choice at home. -What to look for to see if you are stressed -Ways to eliminate the stress response in a matter of moments -Learn a simple mindfulness technique that places you back in the present moment to truly enjoy your time at home and increases focus at the office -Discover simple, proven techniques to stop stress NOW

Dr Kathy Gruver — Motivational Speaker

Dr Kathy Gruver

Inspiring people to change body, mind and spirit.

Have you ever thought, "Something needs to change?" But just aren't sure what? I can help improve mindset and motivation, enhance communication and leadership skills and help you decrease stress. All with a healthy dose of humor.

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