The Role of Therapeutic Humor in Mental Health

The Role of Therapeutic Humor in Mental Health

Using humor to improve mental health

Research over the past 30 years has shown that a sense of humor has come to be viewed as an important factor of mental health. Humor can transform the negative into the positive. . When people can laugh and play they tend to feel happier, more energetic, less depressed, less anxious and less irritable and tense. 1. Gain an understanding of the role therapeutic humor can play in mental health with a specific focus on the post trauma milieu. 2. Explain the physiological, psychological and social benefits of using therapeutic humor. 3. Define and distinguish the different between appropriate, healthy humor versus inappropriate, unhealthy humor. 4. Discuss and practice humor strategies that can be utilized to enhance ones use of therapeutic humor.

David Jacobson, LCSW CHP — Motivational Speaker

David Jacobson, LCSW CHP

The best of humor from a baby boomer!

One of a very rare breed of Board Certified Humor Professionals bestowed by the Humor Academy of the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor. David received a personal thank you from President Obama for his work with trauma survivors.

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