From Mental "Hellness" to Mental Wellness

From Mental "Hellness" to Mental Wellness

A Journey of Understanding, Surrender, and Acceptance.

We have been told a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The same holds true for a person wanting to make the trek from mental illness to mental health; it's all about putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. The good news is, this all-important expedition is indeed possible. Yes, there will be rough terrain, steep accents, narrow lanes and sharp turns. But, there are also signposts along the way, indicators we are on the right track; Understanding, Surrender and Acceptance. And, rest assured, the prize of mental health is well worth the effort needed to make such a life changing trek. As a result of this keynote, attendees will learn: What is the first step towards wellness from any condition. The importance of letting go, surrendering and falling back. How to accept responsibility, yourself, and help from others.

David Woods Bartley — Motivational Speaker

David Woods Bartley

Connection creates hope, and hope saves lives.

As a suicide attempt survivor turned TED speaker, I share my journey from mental "hellness" to mental wellness to raise awareness, separate myths from facts, and equip audiences with the kills necessary to navigate a similar path to mental health.

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