The Magic of Focusing on What You Can Control

“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power." — Tony Robbins When have you ever experienced anything like what is happening in our world today? Let’s see, we had a three-year pandemic affecting the entire planet. We have another long war in Europe and a divided nation. Inflation is out of control; gas is reaching an all-time high. Mental illness cases are up 400 percent. Anxiety and/or stress are affecting 8 out of 10 Americans. We have never lived in times like these. I could go on and on but you get the point. Giani is an unconventional speaker. He comes in and delivers a keynote that is like no other. The audience will leave with not just takeaways but techniques on how to consistently focus on what they can control. Focusing not on the past or future but in the now. They will learn how not to participate in the “what if” game that the brain loves to play. All this with entertaining hands-on demonstrations that will blow their minds! Let’s face it, these are rough times but we will get through it, we always have. Your team needs a break and a distraction from all the chaos. Book early to avoid disappointment. Quick connect at 210-219-5596! NOW AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE!

Giani — As Seen on America's Got Talent — Motivational Speaker

Giani — As Seen on America's Got Talent

Giani provides programs that include magic and mentalism!

Decision-making amongst all the chaos. How? Giani provides a Las Vegas value, audience-interactive, content-driven presentation you will never forget. A FULL-TIME national speaker, author, professional performer, and cancer survivor. Where magic and content collide with an unforgettable finish! Much more than a stand-up talk, it's a life-changing experience where the audience is 100 percent involved. Unlimited options and packages are available. A combined 90 reviews on GigSalad, GigMasters, and Google. Value-oriented. This is a new world now; things have changed. Sure, you can book a conventional speaker. Or, you can book an unconventional speaker who has adapted and presents a one-of-a-kind program that will be talked about months, if not years, after your conference ends. Next stops: Indianapolis, North Texas, Chicago, Seattle, Colorado Springs. New York, New Jersey, Kalahari Lake Chelan Resorts and Las Vegas. Quick connect: 210-219-5596

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