Live Your Life in 3D!

Live Your Life in 3D!

Desire, Dedication & Discipline = Success

Do you ever wonder how to motivate your team? How to help create the vision and march your team toward specific goals. My whole approach to success.... is a Total Team Concept and Doing It In 3D, that is with Desire, Dedication and Discipline! After 20 years as a professional athlete (an NBA All-Star) and 20 years as a small business entrepreneur I speak about proven strategies to maximize your potential to be the very best that you can be! People from every walk of life will benefit from my presentation! Athletes, business entrepreneurs, community leaders, young people and educators, professionals and everyone on this journey called life will come away from my presentation with a few "golden nuggets" of information and strategies that they can implement right away.

James Donaldson — Motivational Speaker

James Donaldson

Author of Standing Above The Crowd and CEO of Your Gift Life

Mental Health Challenges are Stressing Our Children - I specialize in Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention.... especially pertaining to our younger generation

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