Soar 2 Success

Soar 2 Success

Most requested Keynote- Elizabeth uses humor and vulnerability to inspire your audience to "Soar 2 Success"

Perfect for an OPENING or CLOSING Keynote! Elizabeth McCormick will inspire with the stories of how she persevered to become a Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot when there weren't many women in Army Aviation; Using stories from her unique experiences, she will inspire your audience to learn to: • Believe in themselves to accomplish their goals with focus and drive • Determine their true meaning of success • Be inspired to "Lead From Where They Are" influencing others to SOAR to higher level of success. Experiencing the stories Elizabeth shares with humor and candor such as struggling with nearly failing flight school because of prejudice to helicopter piloting stories with an in flight emergency nearly causing a fatal crash, will inspire your audience to "Soar 2 Success" in their lives or business (or both!).

Black Hawk Pilot Motivational Speaker — Motivational Speaker

Black Hawk Pilot Motivational Speaker

Energizing, Entertaining, Enthusiastic Elizabeth McCormick

Want to create an Experience for your Attendees? Bring Elizabeth McCormick, Motivational Leadership Speaker, and Former US Army Black Hawk Pilot to YOUR NEXT EVENT! WARNING: Your audience will leave Energized, Entertained and Empowered!

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