Transforming Your Mindset for Success

Transforming Your Mindset for Success

Your Mind Sets Your Limit

Transforming Your Mindset for Success Mindfulness is a term that is frequently used but rarely defined. Practicing true mindfulness encourages living in the present while addressing the danger of distorted thinking. Staying in tune both mentally and emotionally improves perspective to enhance personal and professional success. With this Improving Mindfulness workshop, your participants will begin to identify their thinking patterns. As they learn to practice mindfulness, they will cultivate positive emotions that will dramatically affect the work environment. Workshop Objectives: • Define mindfulness • Develop techniques to make oneself more attuned to the present moment • Understand the value and utility of one’s emotions • Learn how to identify and counter distorted thinking • Learn how to cultivate genuine positive emotions • Become more fully present in social interactions Encourages individuals to shift their mindset from limitation to abundance and possibility, with insights on sparking innovation and creativity in one's personal and professional lives.

J Thomas SMITH — Motivational Speaker

J Thomas SMITH

"Your present does not limit your future."

Helps professionals gain confidence in their abilities to communicate their stories to others and achieve their goals effectively

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