Service with Enthusiasm!

Service with Enthusiasm!

Motivating Customer Service Employees

It happens to the best of companies, organizations, and schools: Team members lose sight of why they were excited about their job in the first place. This program serves to relight the fire-within; the passion that brought them to the party; the pride they once enjoyed in being part of something big. After years of research, Sonny Melendrez found that there was a very important element present in all who have accomplished the impossible: enthusiasm! This is the perfect way to launch your conference or meeting with a "kick-in-the-pants" presentation filled with insight, laughter, and lots of enthusiasm, guaranteed to recharge even the most stubborn batteries. Treat your team to the magic to be found in Living With Enthusiasm!

Sonny Melendrez — Motivational Speaker

Sonny Melendrez

Intentional Enthusiasm is the key to unstoppable success!

Award-winning TEDx keynote speaker and Hall of Fame broadcaster, Sonny Melendrez delivers a compelling message of how the Unstoppable Power of Intentional Enthusiasm accelerates personal performance and professional success. He has presented at over 5,000 events during his career.

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