The Everyday Ally

The Everyday Ally

Moving Toward Authentic Relationships

Content Themes: Customer Service; challenging internal bias; etiquette; building community. Target Audience: Corporate, non-profit, activism. Description: Through humor, storytelling and direct instruction, Nina G shares insights on what having a disability is really like and what non-disabled people can do to be authentic allies. Participants will deepen their understanding of what disability means, how to best serve individuals with disabilities in the role that participants play and how to generally be an ally. Topics include humility, empathy building and how to join with the Disabled community. This presentation can be tailored to the audience to achieve outcomes such as elevating customer service for everyone, collaboration between communities and clinical skills.

Nina G — Motivational Speaker

Nina G

Funny and professional!

Disability Awareness with a Punch(line)! Nina G is a stuttering stand up comedian, author and international speaker. Her funny and engaging keynotes, comedy shows and book events educate people about the Disability experience.

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