Motivation that Empowers

Motivation that Empowers

Inspire and Motivate Your People

Motivation is one of the Keys to Success. Get ready to have some fun while learning key motivational principles. Motivation is a mind set that can be developed. Problems demotivate, therefore, we are going to learn some secrets for addressing problems, improving productivity and reducing stress. This inspirational message will equip your team with a systematic approach for taking control of their circumstances and developing workable plans of action. An important question to be answered is, "How can we influence others to motivate themselves?" Let's leave the "Stick and Carrot" analogy behind for a moment and apply more desirable principles for taking charge of our attitudes. Motivation should be driven intrinsically if it is to last. External motivation is always short term and can be costly, therefore. our goal is to help individuals take charge of their own thought processes. This is a powerful session that has produced life changing results for many. It is full of practical advice that is easily adapted and put to good use. We have heard many encouraging testimonials. Each audience's needs are unique, therefore, presentations are customized to meet your organizations specific goals. ---------------------- Stan's presentations are fun and interactive; they include all three leaning styles to ensure everyone receives maximum benefits. We'll laugh and have a great time together as we see ourselves illuminated in the anecdotes. These stories are designed to help us recognize the areas in our lives requiring attention and challenge us to take action. Each participant shall receive a mnemonic device (a tangible memory tool); plus printed support material. Stan will utilizes memory techniques to help anchor key components to ensure long-term benefits for you and your people. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Please call our office at (813) 406-7000 or my cell phone (813) 309-0269. Enthusiastically Yours, Stanley J. Reynolds

Stan Reynolds — Motivational Speaker

Stan Reynolds

Motivating & Inspiring Audiences to Grow & Succeed

Let’s have some fun learning how to solve problems and achieve goals while reducing stress. Stan’s motivational style creates an atmosphere charged with inspiration and wisdom. Programs are customized, interactive & embrace different learning styles.

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