Breaking Boxes: From Poverty to Productivity

Breaking Boxes: From Poverty to Productivity

How to Activate Your Dreams

Dr. Joseph enjoys shares her experience of overcoming poverty as an immigrant and the strategic steps she took to becoming a confident woman today here in the United States of America. When her mother and grandmother died two years a part respectively, Dr. Lorneka's world was shattered. She lived behind the masks of rejection for years until she surrendered and realigned herself for the better. It's a pleasure to inspire others through small doses of hope. She believes that relatability and empathy are keys to success.

Dr. Lorneka Joseph — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Lorneka Joseph

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Dr. Lorneka is a speaker, pharmacist and wellness coach. As a Forbes magazine feature, hall of fame inductee and first-generation college student, she helps individuals and organizations redefine success through wellness.

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