Unlock Your Greatness

Unlock Your Greatness

Live a Life of Purpose

Unlock Your Greatness: Living a Life Of Purpose (what happens) -- Guaranteed Audience Participation (see below for takeaways) Once Ari is up on stage, he sets the scene with the emotional story of the tragic death he experienced as a child. Ari masterfully weaves words together to bring the audience back to that fateful moment in the woods where his mentor and teacher passed away. Then Ari connects this moment to the 5 Keys To Greatness, which is the easy-to-remember framework Ari created to live a life of everyday greatness (details below). While explaining the 5 Keys, Ari uses the skeleton key stage props given out earlier to interact directly with your audience, giving out wooden tokens for a free t-shirt to the participants. These funny and engaging interactive moments, which are on-topic, include: -teaching an audience member an easy yoga pose -offering the shirt off his back (yes, he will give it, then covering his undershirt with an Unlock Your Greatness t-shirt) -demonstrating a headstand on a chair on stage -suggesting he'll jump off a ladder (he won't) After the 5 Keys To Greatness are explained, Ari connects everything discussed back to the tragic event in the forest, and ends off with a dramatic invitation to your audience to achieve their own true everyday greatness. It is an unforgettable experience, one that your attendees will be thanking you for arranging. --- The 5 Keys (G.R.E.A.T.) are detailed in Ari's award-winning book and are: Give (provide time, money, or resources to others) Reason (purpose, define a purpose for your life) Engage (presence, be in the moment) Amazing (positivity, view things in a better light) Tenacity (persistence, see things through, especially when difficult) --- Takeaways -"Everyday Greatness" is personal & achievable -Change is possible & good -Unlock your own best life, as opposed to what others want -Persistence is key to moving forward -A positive outlook changes lives

Unlock Your Greatness: Ari Gunzburg — Motivational Speaker

Unlock Your Greatness: Ari Gunzburg

Live a life of purpose and achieve everyday greatness.

Guaranteed audience participation! Ari's speech includes a headstand, suggesting he’ll jump off a ladder (he won’t) and an offer to give away his shirt. It is non-stop fun, including vivid stories, free t-shirts for participants, and a meaningful takeaway. Give your audience an unforgettable experience while they learn a simple, easy to remember system for everyday greatness: The 5 Keys To Greatness.

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