Hit Hard

Hit Hard

3 Must-Have Mindsets to Overcome Challenges

What does your ultimate life look like to you? What dreams or goals do you have? I was born with a unique set of arms that were short and missing fingers. This didn’t stop me from loving sports; especially football. As a child I dreamed of playing football at the college level. People thought I was crazy because I thought that dream was gone when I was cut from my high school football team. Six years later I found myself running onto the field at Varsity Stadium, wearing the jersey of the University of Toronto. Hit Hard will share with you 3 Must-Have-Mindsets you need to (re)design the life you want. You will leave with all the tools you need in taking the power step towards your goals. Session outcomes: *Tackle imposter syndrome and other toxic thought patterns *Practice Like You Play. Understand the simple but vital 3 step process to create a winning mindset. *Draft Your All-Stars. Identify and recruit your success team.

Paul Artale — Motivational Speaker

Paul Artale

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I help businesses attain their goals by teaching their members to build their resilience.

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