Building Your GRATITUDE Muscle

Building Your GRATITUDE Muscle

30 Seconds A Day Can Rebuild Your Life

In this enlightening presentation you will begin to understand how a "well meaning" society may have taught us how to do GRATITUDE all wrong. The good news is that it's much simpler than you think. Brain changing GRATITUDE it's NOT about making daily lists of 20, 50, or 100 things, it’s NOT about fancy journals with goals, affirmations and to-do lists. It’s NOT even about saying "thank you". It's about teaching your brain to: Find ONE Good Thing. To search for it, savor it, and do it EVERY single day! When I began my graduate studies in Mind, Brain Education, I knew immediately that I wanted my capstone research to be about GRATITUDE. I needed to know if the daily 30 second practice of Finding ONE Good Thing really be backed by science? Could other people's lives actually be transformed, or was it just mine. Turns out... the answer to that question was a resounding YES!!!! My own journey into GRATITUDE began with an angry 16-year-old boy. I watched the worst teenager I'd ever taught, change right in front of my eyes. While inadvertently discovering it had changed me too. Then, a startling life crisis put this GRATITUDE theory to the test once again when my husband left me at age 49. So, when I say building your GRATITUDE Muscle is a game changer, it's because I've personally used it and my life was changed by learning to Find ONE Good Thing! I am thrilled about the opportunity to share this information with you. Your life and your BRAIN will be forever changed. My greatest desire is for everyone to experience the transforming power GRATITUDE can have when you teach your brain to Find ONE Good Thing. Building a GRATITUDE muscle is exactly like building a physical muscle. If you don't USE it, you LOSE it !!!! AND.... if you’re serious about wanting to live a happier life... then, you need a mental workout Let the workout begin! Learn How To: - Discover a simple formula to add brain changing GRATITUDE to your every day life. - Combat anxiety and depression using Scientific Gratitude. - Build your own GRATITUDE muscle with simple strategies backed by science. - Understand methods to cultivate GRATITUDE even in difficult times. - Implement hands-on techniques to incorporate the practice of gratitude into your own environment.

Staci Danford-Brains & Business Expert — Motivational Speaker

Staci Danford-Brains & Business Expert

reWIRE your BRAIN to reINVENT your future.

Staci is the perfect mix of JOY & Neuroscience: teaching you how to transform your life, your business and your relationships using cutting-edge science to change brain patterns. This presentation is Interactive, Humorous, Insightful & Unforgettable.

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