Raising High-Achieving Servant Leaders

Raising High-Achieving Servant Leaders

What parents must know

Format: 45-60 minute keynote (adaptable to workshop, breakout session, or fireside chat) This program is perfect for: + Parents from various family structures, including two-parent households, divorced parents co-parenting, and single parents. + Church community groups, churches, and men's ministries seeking to support and guide parents in their child-rearing journey. + Faith-based educators and child development professionals interested in fostering leadership qualities in children. + Organizations and groups focused on family wellness and effective parenting strategies. The audience will leave with: + Practical strategies for nurturing servant leadership qualities in children across different family dynamics. + Tailored advice for parents in diverse family situations to raise high-achieving, empathetic leaders. + Insights into the role of community support in aiding parents, especially single parents, in their parenting journey. + Tools and resources for churches, community groups, and ministries to effectively support families in raising servant leaders. + A deeper understanding of how to instill values of service, leadership, and empathy in children from a young age. Program Description: "Raising High-Achieving Servant Leaders" is a transformative program designed by Kurt Uhlir, aimed at empowering parents and community groups with the tools and knowledge to nurture the next generation of leaders. This program recognizes the diverse challenges faced by parents today and offers tailored advice for raising children in various family structures, including two-parent households, co-parenting arrangements, and single-parent families. Kurt provides a comprehensive guide on how to instill the principles of servant leadership in children, fostering qualities such as empathy, responsibility, and a heart for service. He addresses the unique needs of different family setups, ensuring that all parents, regardless of their circumstances, are equipped to guide their children towards becoming high-achieving servant leaders. The program also highlights the crucial role of community support in the parenting journey. Kurt offers specific guidance for churches, men's ministries, and community groups on how they can assist, especially single parents, in this endeavor. He shares actionable strategies and resources that these groups can use to create a supportive environment for families. Through "Raising High-Achieving Servant Leaders," attendees will gain valuable insights and practical tools to help them guide their children towards a path of effective leadership and service. This program is not just about raising successful leaders; it's about nurturing compassionate, empathetic individuals who are equipped to make a positive impact in their communities and the world.

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