How To Breakthrough And Become A Checklist Destroyer

How To Breakthrough And Become A Checklist Destroyer

4 Steps To Achieving Greatness In Life

BREAKOUT INFORMATION Structure Format: Type: Training, Facilitating, Building on Keynote Concepts Length: Tailored to 60, 90 or 120 Minutes A deep dive expansion of the ever powerful "Ladder Piece" as presented in the The Bucket List Life Keynote - Kenyon will share powerful skill sets to use the four simple steps of becoming a checklist destroyer, which will help you personally and professionally in all areas of your life. As visionary of The Bucket List Life, Kenyon will add immense value to your overall conference/event experience, through a set of fun, interactive, intellectual and powerful learning experiences. By experiencing his simple and proven four step training system of listen, watch, connect and then share, you will walk away with the tools needed to visualize your truest desires, set your loftiest life goals, take the most powerful actionable steps and stand strong in your biggest commitments. This process will become a deep and strong foundation in your life to use time and time again in achieving your ultimate dreams of living a fulfilled and happy life.

Kenyon Salo — Motivational Speaker

Kenyon Salo

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